Pillars of Health

A healthy lifestyle should focus on appropriate levels of physical activity, eating natural foods and partaking in activities that promote health, quality sleep, effective stress management, avoiding toxic overload, developing healthy relationships, and feeling a sense of purpose. At Integra, we work with individuals of all ages, including children.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a highly effective therapy designed to mimic the hormones in your body in an effort to better balance and regulate hormones.

This therapy can be beneficial for both men and women of all ages and in all stages of life.

This includes pre-meno, peri-meno, and post menopausal women, as well as those individuals trying to conceive.

It also includes hormonal symptoms experienced by men including low libido, reduced mental clarity, and poor sleep.

Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans today.

This does not include those suffering from dementia and other levels of severity of the cognitive decline.

Here at Integra Health, it is our joy and mission to bring the best possible care to all of our patients, regardless of what they are dealing with and where in their journey they may be. Cognitive decline is no different.

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP and Team are certified in the Bredesen/ReCODE Protocol provided through Apollo Health.

Nutrition is one of the most fundamental and impactful pieces of the work we do here at Integra. In fact, almost every Functional Medicine practitioner will agree that without optimized nutrition, optimal healing is not possible.

All patients will work directly with Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP and additionally, with a coach to implement the plan created for their specific needs.

Your coach will implement Julie’s plan which will help enhance your progress and ensure you are proceeding as desired.