Weight Management

Weight Management

It is no surprise that many people experiencing health issues are also concerned with additional weight and in some cases, shedding too much weight. It is important to note that changes in weight are connected to other underlying health issues that need to be addressed.

Weight Management - in Fresno, CA

Our goal is to expand your understanding and perception of weight gain and weight loss in order to effectively address weight concerns.

Weight management is always linked to other root causes and it’s imperative that those are addressed and understood.

While weight loss may not always happen at the rate you wish, our work is designed to address symptoms from the inside out.

While we optimize your root health cause first, we are able to focus on the most important elements of your health. Weight loss is generally a positive byproduct of this work.

Julie Helm

Founder & CEO - integra Health and Wellness

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP is a leading expert in Functional Medicine. Her approach to whole systems medicine provides for an effective and impactful method of care to her patients at Integra Health & Wellness.

Weight Management - Personalized Solutions!

After better understanding your health history, we can create an effective healing protocol for addressing the issues at hand. It is important to rule out other possibilities such as intestinal permeability or various types of gut dysbiosis.

We have seen great success with intermittent fasting partnered with a deep dive into the best supplementation for each individual patient.
If you need assistance in gaining or losing weight, our team can support you.

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Weight Management - FAQ

Yes. In fact, this is something we hear often. In most cases, the right approach has not yet been attempted thus resulting in below average results.
No. We don’t advocate any dangerous or extreme dieting. While intermittent fasting is exactly as it sounds, there is science supporting the positive impacts it has on one’s health and when implemented properly, is an effective method.
Yes. We treat the desire to lose weight as well as gain weight equally important.

Conditions Treated

Our goal at Integra Health is simple. We want to help people feel their best at all times so they can fulfill their purpose in this life, whatever that may be.