Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Not feeling well because of hormonal imbalance is not fun and can be a hindrance to your everyday life.

BioIdentical Hormone Therapy is a highly effective therapy designed to mimic the hormones in your body in an effort to better balance and regulate hormones. This therapy can be beneficial for both men and women of all ages and in all stages of life.

This includes pre-meno, peri-meno, and post menopausal women, as well as those individuals trying to conceive. It also includes hormonal symptoms experienced by men including low libido, reduced mental clarity, and poor sleep.

Cognitive Therapy - in Fresno, CA

Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans today. This does not include those suffering from dementia and other levels of severity of cognitive decline.

Here at Integra Health, it is our joy and mission to bring the best possible care to all of our patients, regardless of what they are dealing with and where in their journey they may be. Cognitive decline is no different.

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP and Team are certified in the Bredesen/ReCODE Protocol provided through Apollo Health. These strategies in combination with a customized Integra Cognition plan paint a picture of healing and optimization.

As a patient at Integra, you also have the opportunity to subscribe to the REVERSE Program which is an additional resource with valuable tools designed to help you heal.

We get asked often about how long these protocols and treatments take to start working. While we emphasize greatly that every patient is different, we have seen some patients begin to feel relief and reversal of symptoms within days or weeks. While some of the deeper rooted work may take longer to take shape, we believe this work is not only meant to bring short term relief, but to bring vitality for years and decades to come. Cognitive health is extremely layered and it’s important that we work to uncover all of those layers in a safe and effective way. This of course also depends on how committed the patient is in working towards these goals. We are here to support you along the process.

All of our patients in Integra Cognitive Programs are required to work with one of our coaches to ensure ultimate success. This has been an integral part of our success in cognitive optimization.

We focus primarily on two modalities that assist the limbic system in promoting neuroplasticity. This focus is crucial as the limbic system is involved in the limbic system which is involved in emotional long term memory; the same vicinity as the hippocampus.

  1. Dynamic Neural Retraining System – This incredible program focuses heavily on rewiring the limbic system of the brain, not chasing symptoms. This drug-free therapy focuses on techniques based on neuroplasticity therapy, which requires the limbic system to build more functional neural pathways.
  2. Frequency Specific Microcurrent – This advanced method of treatment involved a highly specialized TENS unit that dials into the tissue and the root area of dysfunction. It allows us to disrupt scar tissue, ultimately impacting that space and the magnetic connections between elements.
Julie Helm

Founder & CEO - integra Health and Wellness

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP is a leading expert in Functional Medicine. Her approach to whole systems medicine provides for an effective and impactful method of care to her patients at Integra Health & Wellness.

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