Fibromyalgia affects approximately 10 million people in the United States alone. Our functional approach to Fibromyalgia addresses underlying causes such as head and neck trauma and environmental toxins in addition to other important factors, and also uses progressive techniques to fuel healing such as Frequency Specific Microcurrents.

Fibromyalgia - in Fresno, CA

While lab test results and nutritional protocols can have a significant impact on the approach to the treatment of Fibromyalgia, we are discovering great data on the effectiveness and benefits of Frequency Specific Microcurrents.

FSM is a highly specialized TENSunit that focuses on non-detectable microcurrent on the affected tissue and the root area of dysfunction. It uses resonance and oscillation at the atomic level, which is important considering atoms are what we are primarily made of.

It allows us to disrupt scar tissue, ultimately impacting that space and the magnetic connections between elements.

Julie Helm

Founder & CEO - integra Health and Wellness

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP is a leading expert in Functional Medicine. Her approach to whole systems medicine provides for an effective and impactful method of care to her patients at Integra Health & Wellness.

Fibromyalgia - Personalized Solutions!

If you’re suffering from symptoms of Fibromyalgia and have not found success elsewhere, please contact us.

A multi-faceted approach to Fibro that identifies and addresses your toxic load, nutritional habits and any trauma that may be contributing to your symptoms is the pathway to success.

If you are working with a conventional physician, we encourage you to continue seeing them as well until we can really quell or reverse your symptoms and find long term relief.

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Fibromyalgia - FAQ

We do not recommend stopping medications until we have a firm grasp on your whole health picture and are able to implement other changes. We strongly believe in conventional medicine and the support it can offer through your healing journey. Over time, we do work to reduce or eliminate the need for medications.
Yes. We encourage a bond between healthcare practitioners that looks out for the best interest of the patient.
No. While there may be some discomfort associated with some of our therapies, they are not painful.

Conditions Treated

Our goal at Integra Health is simple. We want to help people feel their best at all times so they can fulfill their purpose in this life, whatever that may be.