Our Team

Our Team

Krystal Rivera

Receptionist Coordinator

Krystal is the Receptionist Coordinator at Integra Health and Wellness. She has experience working in Administration and Medical Assisting alongside providers who have shown her healing, compassion, and commitment throughout her journey. When not engaging with patients, Krystal dedicates her time to traveling to other places, going on hikes, watching sunsets, and cherishing time with her family and friends.

“We can’t heal the world today but we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, and an act of kindness.” 

Our Team

Andrea Hurst

Practice Coordinator

Andrea Hurst is the practice coordinator at Integra Health & Wellness. She oversees operations and works one-on-one with patients. Previously, Andrea worked at a specialty pharmacy for hemophilia patients. She is dedicated to serving minority patients who have been underserved by the modern healthcare system. When not assisting patients, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and fostering her photography hobby.

Our Team

Cassie Ressler


Cassie is a Holistic Aesthetician specializing in mindful skincare, guiding you toward skin and soul healing. She has been practicing her craft for a decade, evolving her beliefs about skin health overtime. She believes treating not only the skin’s surface, but looking at how everything is all connected. Her approach is to support the skin’s natural ability to heal by using clean, botanical and cruelty free skin care. 

She is dedicated to educating and supporting clients toward achieving real results and maintaining their short and long term goals.After uncovering each client’s individual needs she tailors treatments and lifestyle recommendations intended to restore the skin’s natural balance. Cassie works with the skin instead of against it with a combination of holistic lifestyle shifts, clean skincare and targeted treatments. Cassie integrates lymphatic support and massage techniques to promote radiant results. 

Throughout her career Cassie has experienced many fields of the beauty industry but is always expanding her credentials, researching, and staying up to date on the latest advancements while applying her own personal touch. Cassie is compassionate for animals, and advocates for cruelty free products. 

“I want to compassionately empower everyone to heal and understand their skin so they can feel extra confident and glowy, stepping out of the shadows — into the light. “

Our Team

Yoli Carrillo

Wellness Cordinator

Yoli is the wellness coordinator at Integra Health & Wellness. As a graduate from Fresno State, she’s worked as a Speech Instructional Assistant and has assisted Speech and Language Therapists in providing treatment for students aged 3-22. Now as a Wellness Coordinator, she looks forward to helping you reach all your health goals. When not serving Integra Health patients, Yoli enjoys crafting, outdoor activities, and spending time with her loved ones.

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