Our Team

Yoli Carrillo

Wellness Cordinator

Yoli is the wellness coordinator at Integra Health & Wellness. As a graduate from Fresno State, she’s worked as a Speech Instructional Assistant and has assisted Speech and Language Therapists in providing treatment for students aged 3-22. Now as a Wellness Coordinator, she looks forward to helping you reach all your health goals. When not serving Integra Health patients, Yoli enjoys crafting, outdoor activities, and spending time with her loved ones.

Jante (Jae)

Operations Coordinator

Jante (“Jae”) is the operations coordinator for Integra Health & Wellness patients. With a background in behavioral health, she has helped children and families make progress, reach goals, and improve their outlook on life. Jante provides financial, onboarding, lab, supplements, and nutrition guidance for Integra Health & Wellness patient

Andrea Hurst

Practice Coordinator

Andrea Hurst is the practice coordinator at Integra Health & Wellness. She oversees practice details and works one-on-one with patients. Previously, Andrea worked at a specialty pharmacy for hemophilia patients. She is dedicated to serving minority patients who have been underserved by the modern healthcare system. When not assisting patients, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and fostering her photography hobby

Coach Ali Altmann

Practice Coordinator

Ali Altmann specializes in health and wellness coaching for Integra Health & Wellness patients. She provides patient-centered support, accountability, and encouragement as she helps patients improve their wellness and experience more joy. With a background in physical fitness, Ali leads group fitness classes and provides one-on-one coaching for Integra Health & Wellness patients.

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