Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is one of the most fundamental and impactful pieces of the work we do here at Integra. In fact, almost every Functional Medicine practitioner will agree that without optimized nutrition, optimal healing is not possible.

Nutritional Coaching - in Fresno, CA

All patients will work directly with Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP and additionally, with a coach to implement the plan created for their specific needs.

Your coach will implement Julie’s plan which will help enhance your progress and ensure you are proceeding as desired.

Nutritional coaching at Integra Health is not optional. We welcome patients who have a more advanced knowledge of nutrition, and look forward to helping you further optimize your efforts. This is a team effort that requires all hands on deck.

In addition to other nutritional therapies, we do offer Prolon, a quality intermittent fasting program.

This fast can be completed in five days (while still intaking about 500 calories per day).

This drastically helps jumpstart weight loss and tame insulin resistance. This reset can be done once a month or quarterly.

Julie Helm

Founder & CEO - integra Health and Wellness

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP is a leading expert in Functional Medicine. Her approach to whole systems medicine provides for an effective and impactful method of care to her patients at Integra Health & Wellness.

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