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“I keep getting sick over the holidays. It’s so frustrating!”


We hear remarks like this from patients all the time. Sickness feels inevitable around the holidays. Once the New Year rolls around, we seem to collapse into a heap of exhaustion, nursing sore throats and aching heads.


If you’d like a few holiday health pointers to keep you healthy and energized, look no further.


We’ve put together functional medicine tips for treating four common holiday conditions. Other clinics or practices might recommend popping a few ibuprofen pills and drinking hot tea when you’re feeling under the weather. While these recommendations will likely reduce your symptoms, they won’t prevent any illness or get to the root cause of a condition. 


Functional medicine is all about treating the root cause of an issue. The issue can be as complex as an autoimmune disorder, or it can be as simple as a common cold. Whatever the case, functional medicine wants to clear up what’s going on under the surface. That’s why functional medicine is the path to true healing. 


If you find yourself frequently getting sick over the holidays, then we recommend that you immediately reach out to the team at Integra Health and Wellness. You may be suffering from an underlying condition putting your immune system at risk. 


At the very least, pay attention to these holiday health tips so that you can spend the holidays feeling happy and energized.


1. Colds and Flu

The most common holiday health ailment is the common cold. The holidays create a perfect storm of close contact, germs, and stress. Office party to home to school to family gathering – cold germs can travel fast!


To keep yourself safe from the common cold, stay on top of your vitamins. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A can boost your immune system. You might also try natural herbs and foods like garlic and turmeric. 


A system detox and infection scan might also boost your immune system. Most Americans suffer from underlying toxins and infections. Our bodies are always on high alert, which means our immune systems are stretched thin. A practitioner at Integra Health and Wellness can get you set up with comprehensive functional medicine testing to boost your holiday health.


2. Headaches

Many people complain of increased headaches during the holidays. This isn’t a coincidence. The top causes of headaches include stress, gut health, and environmental factors. In holiday terms, your headaches might be caused by stressful family relationships, a new diet, and scented candles.


Our holiday health tips for headaches include:


  • Practice meditation or speak with a therapist before, during, and after family gatherings. 
  • Increase your probiotic intake by drinking kombucha or adding more yogurt to your diet. This will help boost your gut health.


  • Go through your home and remove anything with scents or fragrances. See if your headaches subside.


3. Insomnia

Insomnia can have many causes, but some people notice their sleepless nights become more frequent around the holidays. It usually takes months to discover the root cause of insomnia, but you might want to try:


  • Reducing alcohol intake. Alcohol can severely impact your sleep cycle. 
  • Getting to bed around the same time each night (despite the holiday parties). 
  • Asking your doctor to check your hormone levels. Hormone imbalances often lead to insomnia.


4. Indigestion

If you’ve been around functional medicine for any amount of time, you know that gut health is important. The most direct effect of an unhealthy gut is indigestion. Many of us unknowingly follow a diet that keeps us from feeling good. Perhaps cheese or red meat upsets your stomach. You likely avoid these foods unconsciously. This is fine until the holidays upend that eating schedule. 


If you experience holiday health issues like indigestion, we recommend:


  • Getting tested for food allergies. 
  • Moderating your intake of rich, processed foods.
  • Reaching out to your functional medicine doctor to test for leaky gut syndrome.


Integra Health and Wellness is Your Source for Holiday Health Tips

Integra Health and Wellness is a trusted functional medicine clinic in Fresno. For years, we’ve provided people with alternative treatment plans that get at the root cause of disease. Functional medicine is particularly effective at treating complex “mystery illnesses” that conventional medicine isn’t able to handle. Autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, and leaky gut  – these are just some of the conditions that functional medicine focuses on. 


So, frequent illness during the holidays may be a sign of something deeper. You don’t have to resign yourself to a season of sniffles and discomfort. You deserve to spend the holidays feeling healthy and energized.


Integra Health and Wellness is now accepting new patients. We know you have many questions when it comes to functional medicine, which is why we offer everyone a complimentary consultation. Sit down with one of our practitioners, ask questions, and give us the chance to get to know you. You’ll soon discover that functional medicine is different from any other healthcare you’ve ever tried. 

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