Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions about Integra’s health and wellness services. Keep reading to learn more!

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying root causes of symptoms for each individual patient. The idea that every single patient is unique in their history, genetics, and lifestyle habits is the foundation for ensuring care is thorough, effective, and sustainable.
Julie Helm is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and is able to weave and implement those ideologies and best practices throughout all aspects of her practice. Through a systems approach, Julie can not only identify your underlying root causes, but create a healing plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

We get it. Many patients have some anxiety about being instructed to follow a strict and even suffocating diet. Even quitting coffee or an occasional indulgence can feel like a big change. 

At integra, we want you to feel confident and good about how we proceed with your health plan. We know that a positive attitude, not one laced with scare and fear tactics, prove to have the most sustainable outcomes. We encourage you to share any concerns and fears around the health plan as they arise so we can work together on addressing those. 

We also know that every single patient is different and we will never try and fit you into a one size fits all box.

Absolutely. It is apparent that patients with a strong support system both in the office and at home have better outcomes. It’s important to note that together, we make your health team complete. Your support system and your practitioners are all here to help see you through to optimal and improved health.

Virtual care is increasingly popular and with good reason. Ease, convenience, and affordability all play a factor with virtual versus in person care. Julie cares greatly about meeting her patients where they are and making things as smooth as possible. 

While the first appointment should be in person, Julie can see patients virtually. If the first appointment is not in person, Julie does require that at least one in person appointment occurs within a 12 month period.

Personal checks and all major credit cards are accepted as forms of payment. We also accept Health Spending Account (HSA) cards. 

We do not accept insurance at this time. While all practitioners in the Functional Medicine space are looking to make this model of care more accessible and more commonplace, insurance has not kept up with the drastic progress Functional Medicine has made. 

Some of the lab work we order may be covered by insurance and we will do our best to work with you on any of that coverage.

Similar to the breakdown of Functional Medicine described above, Julie is not addressing individual symptoms, or even a diagnosis. By addressing the root causes that are contributing to your health issues, Julie can create a care plan that more effectively speaks to the foundational causes behind your symptoms. At integra Health, you are not just another patient or another number. You will be treated with the time, care, and respect that every single patient, healthy or not, deserves. 

Julie uses core pillars of health such as nutrition, detoxification, hormone balancing, and key nutraceuticals along with coaching and mentoring to address root causes of health challenges.


Functional medicine is the standard of care PLUS, in Julie’s perspective. This means that your existing baseline quality healthcare is paired with this hands on, unique, and comprehensive approach that Julie and her team offer. Julie considers herself part of your speciality team and the most forward route to success will include bringing together all of your support systems and all of your healthcare providers in a cohesive way. 

Upon becoming a patient, your first appointment will consist of a Complete Wellness Evaluation. 

This is a comprehensive look at all of your medical background and history, as well as all of your current protocols, symptoms, and goals. 

This personalized program is specific to you and this evaluation takes all of your anticipated needs into account. The strategy is fully and comprehensively outlined and a systematic and hands on approach is set in motion. From that point on, Julie and her team are focusing on helping you reach your outcomes as a team.

Absolutely. We ask that all lab work from the past year are shared with the team. While additional lab work will likely be recommended, we will do our best to leverage your past efforts towards better health.

What Does My Journey to Becoming a Patient Look Like?