Why do I keep getting sick in winter?

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Why do I keep getting sick in winter?

Everyone knows that winter brings the cold and flu season. But it’s still frustrating when year after year you continue coming down with what feels like the same illness. And you get sick more frequently than other people. Why on earth do you keep getting sick in winter?


The immune system is a complicated part of the body. It’s not enough to say that people are closer together in winter, which leads to a faster spread of sickness. That might be a factor, but it’s not the full picture. So, we want to dig deeper and find out the root cause of why you keep getting sick in the winter.


As a functional medicine practice, Integra Health and Wellness approaches health with a holistic view. With most conditions, there’s more at play than meets the eye. There’s rarely just one reason why you get sick in the winter—or struggle with other acute or chronic symptoms. Dayquil isn’t the answer. Nor is avoiding crowds. 


The root causes of winter sickness might be complex, but there’s hope for you. Learn more about why you might get sick in winter.


1. Unhealthy Gut

The gut is a primary focus of functional medicine. It’s more than just an organ for digesting food. Instead, it’s a collection of organs that controls everything from mood to immune support. The gut is home to millions of macrobiotics, enzymes, and neurotransmitters, and if this somewhat delicate ecosystem swings off-kilter, you may notice some consequences. 


If your gut microbiome is off balance, you may have a weak immune system. This can lead to frequently getting sick in winter.


2. Lower Activity Levels

Many of us cut down on activity levels during winter since the cold keeps us indoors. The cold isn’t much of a factor in Fresno, California, but the busy holiday season can also curb exercise compared to the summer months. Weekend football and Thanksgiving meals lead to more time sitting and lounging. 


Consider becoming a member at a local gym to increase exercise (and immune support) during the winter months. Exercise boosts the immune system and releases positive endorphins, which help prevent getting sick in the winter.


3. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

The immune system needs adequate vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. We’ve all heard about the need for Vitamin C – but the body needs much more than that to fend off sickness. For example, sunlight is a great contributor to Vitamin D, which the body needs. Short days and more time indoors can sap a person of their Vitamin D resources. Vitamin B deficiencies can also lead to long-term immune system problems. 


Moreover, we tend to eat fewer nutrient-rich foods over the holidays, which can put us at risk for a weakened immune system.


Integra Health and Wellness specializes in treating vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In the meantime, try taking oral supplements to boost your overall vitamin intake.


4. High Stress

Winter holidays can be a time of high stress for many people. The stress of buying gifts, seeing family, and traveling can lower the immune system. Stress can reduce the number of natural killer cells or lymphocytes in the body, which are needed to fight viruses, according to the American Psychological Association. If you find yourself often getting sick in winter, consider practicing some stress reduction techniques.


5. Chronic Conditions

If you get sick often in winter, you may have an underlying chronic illness that’s compromising your immune system. Autoimmune diseases will leave your body vulnerable to colds and flu. Either your body is not able to produce enough white blood cells and antibodies to fight the sickness, or your body is so busy attacking itself or handling an underlying infection that it can’t send enough resources to fight the winter illnesses. 


If you think you’re suffering from a chronic illness, contact Integra Health and Wellness today.


Integra Health and Wellness Can Help You Avoid Getting Sick in Winter

If you keep getting sick in winter, then it’s time to visit Integra Health and Wellness. Your frequent colds are a sign, a clue leading to the answer of a medical mystery. As we’ve shown, frequent illnesses aren’t the root cause here. Something else is going on underneath the surface.


Functional medicine is all about getting to the root cause of symptoms. Through comprehensive testing and one-on-one treatment plans, we can help you improve your health inside and out.


It’s not “bad luck” making you sick each winter. Rather, there’s something off with your immune system. Reach out to Integra Health and Wellness today to schedule a consultation. The quicker we begin appointments, the more colds you’ll be able to fight off and avoid. The clinic is currently accepting new patients. Click the button at the top of this page to begin the process!

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