Genomic Testing

Genomic Testing

Genetic testing has taken on new meaning and light over the past decade in the most positive of ways. With quality testing through providers such as IntellxxDNA, we are now able to better understand a myriad of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, gut disorders, and more.

Genomic Testing - in Fresno, CA

While these progressive tests won’t tell you what your best course of action is, working directly with Julie and her Team, we can together identify root issues in your genetic makeup and create a plan that will optimize your health, and diminish and avoid disease. The incredible news is that your genomics are not fate – you can (and are!) making those genes work for or against you all the time through the lifestyle and environmental exposures you have.

Genomic testing alongside a functional medicine approach to your health can provide a granular level of understanding of your unique health needs. Understanding your genomic variations can help you modify how your genes inform your body to interact with the world.

Your genes are like a blueprint that you can change by turning on or off a particular genetic message (or speeding up or slowing its message down) by your diet, lifestyle, supplements, and even your thoughts.

Learning to modify the messages your genes send can transform your health and wellbeing.

Genomic testing is done through a saliva test that you do at home and then mail to the lab at IntellxxDNA.

Once Julie and the Integra team have received your results, you will sit down with Julie to review how each finding interacts with your current health and wellbeing to better customize your personalized health plan.

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Julie Helm

Founder & CEO - integra Health and Wellness

Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP is a leading expert in Functional Medicine. Her approach to whole systems medicine provides for an effective and impactful method of care to her patients at Integra Health & Wellness.

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Genomic Packages & Services from integra HEALTH & WELLNESS

Genomic Testing

Medical Overview Genomics Package

Panel testing 20 different genetic variations and focuses on:

Brain Optimization Genomics Package

Panel testing for 22 different genetic variations and focuses on:

Mental Wellness Genomics Package

Panel which is in the research stage that tests for genetic variations pertinent to. Available now in the beta stage for those interested in participating in research.

Premium Comprehensive Genomics Package

Panel testing for 34 different genetic variations and focuses on:
"I have been a patient of Julie and integra for over 12 years. They truly care and They've saved me many times from pain and suffering. Julie is like a sister I adore her."
Genomic Testing
Jessica D
Mother & CEO
"Julie has healing hands and great energy. I have received practical and wholistic approaches to cure my ailments and improve my overall health"
Genomic Testing
Jose R