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New Years is when many of us step back and consider our purposes in this life. Who are we and what are we meant to do? What steps can we take to make a difference in the lives of our families, friends, and communities?


At Integra, we’re all about helping you embrace your life purpose. We do that by optimizing your health. We want you to feel your best at all times so that you spend less time thinking about symptoms and more time doing what you love.


Take a moment to think about where you want to be this time next year. Consider potential futures that make your heart leap in your chest. Maybe you’d like a promotion at work. Maybe you’d like to deepen a few friendships. Perhaps you have artistic aspirations like finishing a novel or learning a new style of painting. 


Once you have that vision in place, take a look at these New Year health tips. Let your vision motivate you (because we all know how difficult New Years “resolutions” can be). By improving your health, you’ll be able to reach your dreams. Let’s embrace your life purpose together!


5 New Year Health Tips Recommended by Julie Helm, NPc, IFMCP

Health Tip #1 – Improve Your Immune System

Frequent colds as well as constant inflammation can be stumbling blocks in life. You’d like to attend that cooking class, but you just don’t feel well enough to go. Sometimes, our immune systems are overtaxed, which leads to chronic issues.


One New Year health tip related to the immune system is to detox. You can begin the detox process by purifying your living space. For example, many people feel sick because of mold and chemical exposure. Removing mold from your home and trading out toxic household products can give your immune system a much-needed break and allow your body to heal.


Health Tip #2 – Heal Your Gut

The gut is much more than your stomach, and it’s related to much more than digestion. The gut influences mood, cognitive function, immune support, and hormone production. We can’t emphasize gut health enough! Unfortunately, modern medicine doesn’t emphasize gut health enough, and so many people end up neglecting this part of the body.


A practical way to heal your gut is to remove refined sugars and processed foods from your diet. Trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup can cause severe damage to the gut and the digestive lining. Consider natural, organic foods if you’re able.


Health Tip #3 – Boost Brain Performance

These days, grabbing hold of what you want in life requires focus and creative thinking. Whether you want to have witty conversations on a date or change careers in your 40s, you need optimal brain performance. Brain health is a core part of Integra’s wellness plans, and here is one of our favorite New Year health tips.


Learn a new skill! We can’t underestimate the power of neuroplasticity. The brain is always forming new neural pathways as we navigate new situations. This means that cognitive decline is often correlated with stagnant lifestyles that don’t involve much brain exercise. So, consider learning a new instrument, a new language, or a new sport. You’ll probably find that you feel sharper in day-to-day life.


Health Tip #4 – Adjust Your Mindset

Holistic health can’t leave out the role our perspectives can have on health outcomes. Around New Years, many of us feel pressured to “be healthy” and “get fit.” Likewise, resolutions can come weighted down by guilt and shame, especially when we don’t live up to high standards. But this is why we started this post with a quick meditation on your life purpose. What is it that brings you joy and meaning? Nobody is saying that your meaning is found in going to the gym five times a week. Health should be about bringing you joy so that you can embrace what brings you meaning. 


Health Tip #5 – Get Tested

Too many New Year health resolutions are made on the spur of the moment. “If I only eat better, then I’ll be healthy!” But what if nutrition isn’t the issue? What if you have a hormone imbalance or toxins are holding back your immune system?


At Integra, we recommend comprehensive testing. From blood panels to cognitive protocols, we get to the bottom of your health issues and make informed decisions based on data. Don’t stumble around in the dark when it comes to your health. Get tested first.


Embrace a Whole System Approach to Health This New Year

We hope you’ve learned something from these New Year health tips. Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of our community in Fresno and beyond. 


And although most of these health tips focus on individual parts of the body, health is actually a holistic system. Integra always tries to find health solutions that coordinate with the whole body. Gut health, for example, isn’t just about the food we eat. 

So, if you’re ready to achieve whole body health, sign up for services with Integra. We’re currently accepting new clients, and we’re excited to meet you!

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