2023 is the Year of Functional Wellness

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When people say that they’re ready to improve their health in 2023, they usually have functional wellness in mind. They might not even know it, but it’s true. Feeling more energized and living life to the fullest is a result of functional wellness.


Think about it this way. Nobody says, “I’m going to get more invasive surgeries in 2023!” People rarely say, “My goal is to get on more prescription drugs!” The reason why these aren’t popular health goals is clear. Much of modern medicine asks us to choose between one pain and another. 


Instead, you’re probably thinking about increasing exercise, eating better, reducing stress, and adjusting your lifestyle to maximize your health potential. And all of these activities fall under the umbrella of functional wellness.


In this article, the team at Integra Health and Wellness will explain what functional wellness is and what sets it apart from other types of healthcare.


What is Functional Wellness?

Functional wellness is closely related to functional medicine, an approach to health that prioritizes root cause treatment. Instead of managing symptoms, functional wellness wants to find out what’s causing those symptoms. That way you can be rid of the problem once and for all.


Yes, you can take painkillers to reduce headaches, but the better option is to address the root cause of your headaches. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also probably save money over the long run because you won’t have to pay for expensive prescriptions and symptom management.


In general, functional wellness embraces these three characteristics:


  • Holistic

Your body works best as a holistic system. Although many doctors have their specialties (and for good reason), we can’t treat the immune system as separate from the brain or the heart. Nor can we underestimate the impact nutrition (which impacts every aspect of our health) has on the body. 


If you haven’t had much success with healthcare, it might be because it didn’t take a holistic approach to your body. Functional wellness refocuses your healthcare priorities. 


  • Lifestyle Focused

With functional wellness, you don’t need expensive machines or costly prescriptions. Many health recommendations can be done right at home. That’s because health is rooted in our lifestyles. Eliminating toxins from the home, moving your body, and eating organic foods can completely transform your health.


  • Natural

At Integra Health and Wellness, we stay as natural as possible. We don’t want to pump your body full of destructive chemicals and medications since those can lead to terrible side effects. Rather, we believe most bodies have the power to heal themselves. We start with natural treatments and only add in additional therapies when necessary.


The Core Pillars of Functional Wellness

The team at Integra follows three core pillars of wellness. These pillars help patients achieve optimal wellness in all areas of life. If you decide to work with our team, your treatment plan will likely include each pillar since all of them contribute to a holistic view of health.


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Modern life can cause havoc with your hormones. If you’re feeling sluggish, depressed, or inflamed, hormones might be your root cause. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a highly effective therapy designed to mimic the hormones in your body in an effort to better balance and regulate hormones. 


Who can benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? Many people. Pre-meno, peri-meno, and post-menopausal women often come to us for hormone therapy. Individuals trying to conceive can also benefit. Finally, men experiencing low libido, reduced mental clarity, and poor sleep should try Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.


Cognitive Therapy

Here at Integra Health, it is our joy and mission to bring the best possible care to all of our patients, regardless of what they are dealing with and where in their journey they may be. Cognitive decline is no different.


Julie Helm NPc, IFMCP and team are certified in the Bredesen/ReCODE Protocol provided through Apollo Health. These strategies in combination with a customized Integra Cognition plan paint a picture of healing and optimization.


Nutritional Coaching

Food contributes to every system in the body. If you don’t eat well, your immune system, cognitive function, hormone regulation, and metabolism will struggle. And nutrition isn’t just related to food and diet. We will also look at your overall gut health. If your gut isn’t able to absorb nutrients due to inflammation and damaged lining, then you’re going to have noticeable symptoms. 


Let’s Introduce You to Functional Wellness

2023 is the year to start your functional wellness journey. Integra Health and Wellness is currently accepting patients. We love working with people who are motivated and excited to learn more about their health. Ultimately, we want to equip you with the knowledge and treatment plans you need to take charge of your own wellness. And there’s no better time to start than right now!

Let’s jump on a free discovery call! Or you can learn more about our functional medicine services in Fresno.

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Our goal at Integra Health is simple. We want to help people feel their best at all times so they can fulfill their purpose in this life, whatever that may be.

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Together we can optimize your health. Together, we can build resiliency.

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